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Don't mine bitcoins with an iMac!

I just got a new iMac at work (I'm a PC/linux guy, but my boss is a Mac guy). It has a ATI 6970, which is one of the best video cards for bitcoin mining today. So I figure I'll download Diablo miner and set it up. Apparently Open CL doesn't work very well on a Mac, so I was only mining at about 1/4 the rate that the 6970 would get in a PC, but still figured it would be worth it to run it over the weekend.
So I come back on Monday, and the computer is froze. I restart, and I'm getting visual artifacts on the screen, and it freezes, usually at the login screen, sometimes it logs in, only to have more video artifacts, and freezes shortly after. I'm pretty sure I fried the video card. . .
I load in safe mode, and delete everything related to bitcoin or the diablo miner, and call the company's tech guy complaining my New iMac is acting up, acting like I have no idea why it would do that.
TL;DR I fried my brand new (company) iMac by running bitcoin miner over the weekend.
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How do I... Do this?

I downloaded DiabloMiner, and I have Bitcoin running in the background, still updating the chain. Whenever I run Diablo in my terminal though, it says:
[2/14/12 4:04:42 PM] Started [2/14/12 4:04:42 PM] Connecting to: http://localhost:8332/ [2/14/12 4:04:43 PM] ERROR: Cannot connect to localhost: Connection refused [2/14/12 4:04:44 PM] Using NVIDIA CUDA OpenCL 1.1 CUDA 4.0.1 [2/14/12 4:04:44 PM] Added GeForce GTX 580 (#1) (16 CU, local work size of 1024) [2/14/12 4:04:44 PM] ERROR: Cannot connect to localhost: Connection refused [2/14/12 4:04:45 PM] ERROR: Cannot connect to localhost: Connection refused [2/14/12 4:04:45 PM] ERROR: Cannot connect to localhost: Connection refused [2/14/12 4:04:45 PM] ERROR: Cannot connect to localhost: Connection refused [2/14/12 4:04:45 PM] ERROR: Cannot connect to localhost: Connection refused 
I'm confused out of my mind on this thing, I just want to run my new nVidia geforce 580 (fermi) to make a few bitcoins while I go to class. I'm in a college dorm, so I don't have to pay for power, from what I've heard, that's the only real expense these things have. What am I doing wrong?
Edit: I think this thing is my "deposit" ID thing? 1HjuuBdTXvZTRSH1PYKamgUezLzzwL7KC6, which is weird, because I went to that site where you retweet stupid things in exchange for bitcoins, and they never arrived to my account. I set it up on that website,, since they give you a free bitcent for joining, but that's all I have in my account.
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